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We aimed to furnish consistent access to market participants with secure and straightforward innovation solutions. We are capable with the trading software and programming of strategies. We execute our work with professional staff who have an incredible information on trading principles, have a good understanding of financial calculations,basic statistics and computing trading execution measurements.

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Experience Fully Automated Trading System that provides accurate and timely intraday best stock buy and sell levels, as well as trade itself via the bridge of API with the broker.We believe Indian market is full of opportunities and it is one of the best markets in terms of brokerage and margin requirements for trading option strategies. So using our market knowledge spanning over 10 yrs. along with cutting edge data science we built a platform which gives a retail trader an edge. We also believe making money in any market is all about patience and following a strategy diligently and that’s were our algorithms make the process so muc..

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Automated Buy And Sell Signal With Target.

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We do not provide trading tips nor we are investment adviser . Our service is solely restricted to automated trading application development, deployment and maintenance. ( Thank you for having faith on us. more information please use this Link. Disclaimer )